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Stop Spam As many of you know, we had a problem back in 2007 with "spam bots" leaving junk messages on the OHS Message Board. This is not unusual, as most online forums eventually have this aggravation ~ we were lucky to have remained free of their useless & offensive postings for nearly 5 years.

The best approach to trying to solve this problem is to use a password protected gateway. To make it as easy as possible, we will provide "hints" on this page as to the username & password that is required to gain entry to the board:

Login Info
· Username hint:  The name of the avenue where our high school was located  (it is one word, has seven letters, starts with a "k", ends with a "d", all lowercase);
· Password hint:  The name of the school  (it is one word, has seven letters, starts with an "o", ends with an "a", all lowercase).

Click this button to go to the OHS68 Alumni Message Board...

Link to message board

ps. We do not intend to change the username or password unless it becomes absolutely necessary

pps. If you have a "senior moment" and cannot remember the name of the avenue in front of the school, and we'll email it to you!

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