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On this page we are presenting some actual photographs that were published in the June 3rd, 1968 edition of the school newspaper. The captions below each picture is exactly what was written at the time. Keep in mind this paper is 35 years old, so some quality is lost in the scanning process. You can also see some of the stories at Oracle Page 2. Thanks to Ed Rutkowski for sending this classic OHS artifact...

"Class of '68 Leaves Overlea
With Grins, Memories, And a New Outlook"

CO-ED lavatories! Another Overlea first?

"Class of 1968 Cites Six Sociable Seniors"

Clyde Ledford, Derrice Ballard, Bob Cox, Donna Sills, John Fisher, and Sandy Stamboni socialize in the lobby after winning superlative titles.

"Fashionable, Good Looking 4 Win"

Richard Brooks, Sue Stone, Barbara Devon, and David Wolf take a break in their busy senior schedules to lounge in the cafeteria lobby.

"A Day in the Life"

Get me to the school on time! dreams Clyde Ledford. Incidentally, Clyde was not nominated for Best Dressed Senior.

Dynamic? Lynda Johnson and Michael Clark relax, thinking about a tiring year.
Steve Kelley and Barbara Marsh work hard to complete their senior studies.

"Extra Curricular Life"

Regressing Seniors hopped, skipped, and jumped into a giant playground gymnasium Saturday, March 16. Stuffed animals and ropes provided entertainment.

Mr. Huppert rejoices because Elmer Dutton will be graduated next Wednesday.
Poor Sandy! Being class president can lead to an emotional breakdown!
Denise Adams defeats wrestler Mike Clisham in some backyard Indian Wrestling.

Additional headlines & stories at Oracle Page 2
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