Baltimore Remembered

You just might be a Balti-moron if you remember...

· "Everybody goes to Gino's, cause Gino's is the place to go!"
· "Mommy, call Hamden ... Belmont 5-0600
· "More Park's sausages Mom... Please"
· Run right to Reads
· Rhea and Sunshine (Rhea Feikin and her puppets)
· Pete the Pirate
· The Lorenzo Stomp
· Corallin the Colts
· Pinbusters with John Bowman
· Bowling for Dollars with Ron Reilly
· Romper Room with Miss Nancy (a Bert Claster production)
· The Woman's Angle with Sylvia Scott
· Rice's bakeries, Ameche's Drive-Ins, White Coffee Pot, Burger Chef
· Milkmen who delivered milk, returnable soda bottles, when they delivered Charles Chips
· The hula hoop, bop-a-loop, Duncan yo-yo, Easy-Bake oven, and Creepy Crawlers
· Bonamo's Turkish Taffy, Sky candy bars, Maypo cereal, Jiffy Pop
· Double-Features at the movies, Drive-In movies (Timonium, Pulaski, Edmonson)
· Chiller Theater, Ghost Host, and The World Beyond
· The Joe College haircut as in gimme a Joe
· Jack Purcell tennis shoes a.k.a. Jack's
· WCAO radio with Johnny Dark and Robert Charles Allen III, Kirby Scott
· Rolf Hertsgaard, Jack Dawson, Stu Kerr (Bozo the Clown and Professor Kool), Jerry Turner & Al Sanders, George Rogers (CHANNEL 2) WAAM, now WJZ TV
· When TV weathermen actually used a magic marker to draw weather patterns
· The monkeys and penguins at East Point Mall (they also had trampolines and putt-putt golf, at one time)
· At the Towson Hutzler's the two lighted-up reindeer at Xmas time
· When stores like Hutzler's had restaurants and pharmacy/drug stores had soda fountains
· Taubman's, Toy Barn, and Hobbywoods toy/craft stores great at Xmas time
· Mary Sue Easter Eggs advertised on TV by Johnny Unitas & family.
· Two Guys and the "blue light special"
· Club Venus
· Robert Hall's "Time for school again, it's back to Robert Hall again"
· Dialing for Dollars
· Buddy Dean Dance Show
· Hoschild's Thanksgiving Day Parade
· The Nibble and Clink (Drive-In on York Road)
· Hot Shoppes Drive-In
· The Golden Arm Restaurant
· Schwabs Ice Cream Shop
· Huzlers Restaurant
· Eddie Jacobs (Men's clothing)
· Hamburgers (Ditto)
· Stewarts Department Store down town
· The Bromo Seltzer bottle atop the Tower building
· The Hub
· The News Post
· The News American
· Oriole Park
· The Little Red Chair
· "Go to War, Miss Agnes!" (Chuck Thompson)
· Gunther Beer
· American Beer
· Arrow 77 Beer
· Free State beer
· Orey's Drive-In
· Miller Brothers restaurant
· Hausner's Restaurant
· "Whoa, ho!" - Bailey Goss describing a wrestling match
· Shadow Stumpers (Brent Gunts)
· Jacque Wells morning show on WJZ
· Frank Hennessy and the National Boh Skip-Jack
· The Royal Blue stopping at Penn Station
· Curtiss-Wright Airfield
· Harbor Field (Baltimore's original airport), now Dundalk Marine Terminal
· The Stanley Theater
· The Century Theater
· Harvey Hammond playing the organ at the Century
· The Valencia Theater
· Ford's Theater
· The Little Theater
· The Playhouse Theater
· "When you buy better try Hochschild Kohn"
· Harley's subs (And his Jazz music radio show). His name was Harley Brinsfield, and the sub shops were 'Harley's', and the jazz show was "The Harley Show - Music out of Baltimore"
· "What's an Oprah?", when you-know-who came to WJZ
· Gwynn Oak Park
· Report card day at Gwynn Oak Park
· Carlin's Park
· Laughing Sally
· Mondawmin Mall (possibly the first mall in Baltimore)
· Shoe/foot viewers found in shoe stores, now banned for radiation properties. Didn't you look at your fingers too?
· Champs, Circle and The Varsity drive-ins
· Saturday serials at the Gwynn Theater
· 'Let's Pretend' on the radio
· Thunderbird Drive-In
· Kay's Fashion
· Golden Point Drive-In
· Hiway Movie
· Aero Theatre
· Essex Bowling Alley
· Josenhan's Corner
· Read's Drugstore
· Bugatch Furniture
· Gov. Ritchie Drive-in

(Thanks to OHS68 alumni Jim Brewer for sending "Baltimore Remembered")

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