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All About Our 35th Reunion!
Mr. Huppert and Sharon Thomas
Mr. Huppert and
Sharon Thomas

Each of the pages below is directly related to the October 18th, 2003 OHS68 35th Reunion. Tickets for this great party sold out, so if you'd like to attend future events and have not yet sent us your own [contact info], please do that ASAP so we can keep you in touch well in advance.

We want the next reunion to be an even bigger and better party!

Info about other reunions:

The 35th Reunion was a total success -- here's some photos that give a glimpse of the magic
The OHS Party Machine rolled north on Belair Road for fun fun fun 'til daddy took the t-bird away...
Our reunion festivities continued into Sunday afternoon with an informal "pot luck" picnic
Early reunion meetings and assorted OHS oddities (including articles from "The Oracle")
Here's a long list of classmates who attended the party on Oct 18th '03...
Date, times, location, costs, etc for the 35th reunion...
It's essential that you send to us your updated contact info as soon as possible so we can keep you in touch about all future OHS related plans
Organizing a reunion is a huge job, so if you'd like to help, we'd appreciate any assistance you can offer
If you are coming to Baltimore from outside the area, here are some travel related resources such as motels, hospitals, golf courses, etc...

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